August 28th Update


Good Morning/Afternoon to everyone out there. It’s been a few weeks since my last post so I wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve been working on recently. I’ve continued to work a re-design of the layouts to provide more depth to the environment. Still continuing to tweak it as I go to try and find somethingĀ to my liking (which changes often!)



Here is an example of the message system I was working on from the last post. Something simple until I can create a more defined UI. I’ll try to upload a new build shortly so you can take a look yourself.


Hello August


So it has been quite a bit since I last updated though I’ve been hard at work on the project. Here is a list of things I’ve been up to:

Re-created the project inĀ Construct 2

  • Reason for this was the fact that game maker is a lot more expensive when it comes to a license that offers the ability to exported to multiple platforms. Since I’m working on this as a hobby/learning experience, it seemed to make more sense to go this direction. Game Maker gave more freedom with allowing you to input direct code, but I’ve grown custom already to the ways of Construct 2 and look forward to learning more about it’s functions.


Created a basic Global UI and health system

  • Nothing too fancy, just my first stab at something to track health globally throughout the different layouts.


Re-design of level backgrounds/platforms

  • I previously had been using large drawn/painted backgrounds with the platforms included. This wasn’t to effective when it came to level design. I ended up redrawing the platforms individually and then adding background objects individually as well. So far I think I’m happy with this approach.


Next Steps

  • Looking at focusing on creating a basic dialog system for NPCs and introducing more layouts and environments to move around in.